St Mary Magdalene Clitheroe

Clitheroe Parish Church

Indaba: we want to hear what you have to say

This year for 3 special Sundays we will be asking for your opinions about what this church should be, it's future and your ideas for making it better. It doesn't matter if you are a regular, occasional, lapsed or new worshipper here. We want to hear what you have to say: everyone will be listened to.

The three Indaba Sundays will be


February  21st

February 28th

March 7th



Background to Indaba:

Indaba is a Zulu word for a purposive discussion which is advisory to the tribal chief. The aim is to discuss issues of concern in such a way that everyone’s voice is heard and no-one’s voice dominates.

It starts with a question and what ensues is a discussion which aims to explore every facet of this question. The facilitator’s chief concern is to ensure that everyone has their say – but not in the form of a speech. Indaba works best when people do not come at things with a pre-determined notion of the outcome, but are prepared to engage with perspectives quite clearly not their own, and follow the shape of the discussion. The process is much more about listening than speaking.


The aim however is not a woolly consensus about the issues themselves – where deep disagreement exists this would be hopelessly naive! – rather, at best, some agreement about the ‘way of walking’ into the future, and the framework or process needed so as to honour and respect difference. Participants will be reminded:

· To speak only for themselves not others and least of all for some ‘party’ or ‘faction’

· To avoid speeches

· To focus on listening and following the discussion much more than on the next opportunity to speak

· To consider the impact of what they say on the feelings of the other participants

· To be as honest and respectful as possible (Anglican ‘niceness’ won’t help the process, though respect will!)

Facilitators will aim to note down in a very sketchy form a few pointers or reminders of the discussion, not to feed-back in plenary but so that they can feedback


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