St Mary Magdalene Clitheroe

Clitheroe Parish Church

The Spire

St. Mary’s Church stands proudly on its limestone crag in the middle of Clitheroe. The Church spire is a beacon of hope and inspiration.  It can be seen for miles around, a great source of comfort , strong and solid.

It is a wonderful landmark.
The view approaching Edisford bridge, is most inspiring,  St. Mary’s Spire on the left, and St Paul’s Spire, Low Moor in the right,  the Castle taking centre ground, and of course dear old Pendle towering above forming a wonderful backdrop.

In today's ever changing uncertain world, these wonderful stone buildings give a tremendous sense of stability, a sense of pride.  Their permanence is something we need to hold onto.

This is our heritage for future generations to be able to continue to witness this truly
tremendous sight.

With great love and prayer, and a lot of hope and inspiration and a united effort, let us hope we can be inspired to re-build  our St Mary’s Spire, thus sustaining this sense of stability and continuity.
                                                                             Anne Musson
Nov. 19th 2010

Cheques should be made payable to 'PCC of St Mary Magdalene Clitheroe' and 'Spire' written either in the top left hand corner or on the back: please return all donations to The Parish Office St Mary's Centre Church Street Clitheroe BB7 2DG


Watch the spire appear! 

As the first few stages of scaffolding have been removed from the spire, we have captured the appearance of the rebuilt spire in a time-lapse video: 

High Quality - use this one if you have a fast connection.

Lower Quality - use this one if your connection is not so fast.


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