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Bible Times Exhibition

In the week beginning Monday 28th March we hosted the Bible Times exhibition in the Pendle Room of the United Reformed Church. The exhibition was funded by local churches. To find out more follow this link: all the local state primary schools sent pupils and around 400 children and adults saw the exhibition. The Exhibition was also open to the public 7.30 - 9 pm Tuesday 29th March and Thursday 31st March.

The Bible is so much more than one book. The sixty-six books that make up our Bible include histories, poetry, letters, prophesies and more. Its history is full of fascinating facts and the people who wrote it and who have translated it have lived through exciting, often dangerous times.

Rev Stan Woods and his wife Brenda have gathered the exhibition over the years and lovingly cared for it, taking it out wherever people want to hear the stories of the book and its people. The exhibition includes exhibits up to 3000 years old, covering the history of the Bible and how it has impacted society right up to the present day.

Visitors will be surprised at the breadth and depth of the collection.

the aims... tell the story of the Bible - what it is and how/where it came to be written bring to life the history of Biblical times and the stories of the Old and New Testaments tell the stories of how the Bible has changed lives and the world, from hundreds of years ago up to the present day.

the exhibition...


...artefacts and replicas of objects from history e.g. coins, manuscripts, scrolls, bibles, models and much more

For more details contact Revd Andy Froud 01200 423317 [email protected]

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